Neuroo enables local authorities
and companies to

Detect attacks as quickly as possible.

Better ensure the security of big events.

Better combat abusiveness and petty crime.

Make indoor and outdoor spaces more secure against intrusion and malicious acts.

Large communities and organizations already trust Neuroo to deliver a higher level of security and services.

You and Neuroo tied destinies

You want to provide the best protection to your constituents, your employees, your premises, and your facilities?

We want you to succeed.

Our vision is to design the real-time analysis and detection solutions best suited to your needs.


A reliable network of
recognized technology partners

Neuroo works with leading technology companies, manufacturers (cameras, servers, etc.), software publishers (VMS, hypervisors, etc.) and recognized integrators.

You have the guarantee of rapid deployment of integrated solutions into your existing infrastructure.

We ensure that your team benefits from the best Neuroo solutions every day.


Fundamental values
for your security

We think of every day as an opportunity to turn our convictions into actions through our 5 fundamental values:


Our goal:

To explore and exploit the best of technological innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and data processing to design the solutions best suited to your needs.

So curiosity and passion are at the core of our values.


Our philosophy: to design solutions with and for you.

We think of our customers and partners as full members of our team.

Collaboration and listening are the foundations of our approach to development.


From the simple idea to a more accomplished goal…

…You can count on our teams to support you through all phases of your project:
  • Understanding of the need to bring you the best response
  • Implementation and integration in your infrastructure
  • Follow up and evolution of the solution


At Neuroo, we're convinced that technological mastery is a powerful driver for facing up to the daily challenges of organizations.

Neuroo is designed and entirely developed by a team fascinated by the challenges related to the most advanced technologies.

The motor that drives us forward every day: Designing the best applications for you, from their architecture to their interface.

When do you want to start ?