How to replace the human being at the heart of the decision-making process with AI ?

It lies in combining machine learning, computer vision and particularly the human being.


Machine learning is a data analysis method that automates the construction of analytical models.

This technology enables computer systems to learn, identify models and take decisions with minimal human intervention.

An example?

Machine learning detects trends within a data history (e.g. categories: weapons, vehicles, humans, etc.) to extract a real-time recognition model (e.g. crowd movement).


While artificial intelligence or AI enables computers to 'think', computer vision enables them to see, observe and understand.

Using it, computers and systems can detect significant information from videos and take measures or make recommendations based on this information.

Résult ?

Unlike humans, computers don't get tired. You can train machines powered by computer vision to analyze thousands of video data streams in real time.

In the end ?

Combining these technologies allows you to automate the detection of problems or incidents and submit them to the human eye to qualify the event within its context.

The human element therefore remains to decide. It is 'enhanced' by these technologies that allow it to concentrate on facts and decisions.

Why ?

Because the human operator is still better than machines at managing complex situations. With help from Neuroo, the human operator can remain even better focused on managing tricky situations.

for advanced



Neuroo integrates strict security modules managing authentication, user permissions, and end-to-end communication encryption.

How efficiently ?

  • Centrally controlled design and development.
  • Secure by design.

Compatible with your infrastructure


Neuroo is multi-platform. It integrates perfectly with your virtualized or cloud infrastructure.

With what advantages ?

  • Flexible deployment based on the existing architecture.
  • Interfacing with your existing data capture systems.
  • Adapts to any type of existing platform or VMS.
  • Integration of standard and proprietary protocols.



Neuroo solutions are integrated into your architecture without needing a graphics card.

We use thin, virtualizable servers.

You don't need special hardware. Our solution is 100% compatible with your virtualized environment.

Robust, Reliable and Resilient


Neuroo natively integrates the components required for application redundancy.

Our application manages automatically load balancing, maintaining all installed modules in operational state, including real-time analyses.

With what results ?

  • Scalability of solutions in any type of environment
  • High availability:
    • Redundancy
    • Fault tolerance
    • Distributed architecture
  • Highly accurate models

How Neuroo integrates into
your infrastructure

Your organization is unique. Neuroo solutions are ultra-flexible and can be deployed On-Premises, on the Cloud or in Hybrid mode.
Two types of deployment are possible:

Integrated Environment

Standalone Environment


User management

Application database

Security database

Analysis modules

Deep learning

Business logic

Image processing

Interpretation of results

Communication module

API & Drivers

Stream player

Verification of operation

Information exchanges with Neuroo modules and systems

How Neuroo
works for
your organization

  • Perimeter detection (e.g. intrusion, illegal tipping)
  • Detection of crowd movement
  • Detection of abandoned objects
  • Detection of gatherings
  • Detection of outbreaks of fire
  • Reading number plates
  • Detection of weapons
  • Occupancy
  • Pilfering
  • Counting